So, I just got my letter from my psychiatrist about HRT, and she wrote that first I have to do RLE before she considers referring me to an endocrinologist….and it’s funny how she writes that it is important that she keeps me mentally stable before that…while forcing me to humilate myself publicly…

Don’t they see that RLE is dangerous because it can make someone suicidal (seriously I rarely had suicide thoughts before I read that letter…now I do have them…)

I actually start to believe the only reason why RLE exists is so that there are less Trans* people…I actually believe they want us to kill ourselves..

Anonymous asked:

38(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/11831d6da95aa8f1832e2f6f2a38604e/tumblr_n87zxi1gi21tg9dggo1_1280(.)png that's what they're planning to do with our selfies. Don't let 4chan know, because when they do we can get some of them arrested for that

Well i already found what you said in the tags, so I bet they already know. Also its wishful thinking to think the police cares that much. I hope I am wrong and at least one of them gets what they deserve. But I still think it’s a too risky move and it will cause more damage to those who participated in the “selfie rebellion” than it will help them.

About the so called “selfie rebellion”

Who the fuck came up with that stupid idea?! are you people really that retarded to think spamming your selfies will help you fight against 4chan?! I don’t want to sound rude but whatever happens to your selfies now is your own fault.

If you want to fight back then post pictures of cute animals in the raided tags, but for gods sake not your selfie!!!! Don’t be an idiot!